Monday, September 24, 2007

The Fall 2007 Gardens, a Restaurant Review-Jerry's Seafood, and Delaware's Next Governor

The days are getting shorter while the mums begin their bloom. We've got a visit to the Fall gardens of 2007.

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Fall 2007 Comes to the Gardens of Serendipity Shore

September has been the prettiest garden month of the growing season everywhere I have lived. Which includes only two states as of this writing but I’m just saying …

The days become shorter, the nights cooler and breezes begin to blow the fading leaves from the trees. The grass quite enjoys this weather combination and will glow brightly green before falling leaves cover the blade fellows.

The garden annuals have, by the September month, healthy roots and have grown tall. The heat of August takes a toll on them so the refreshment known as September spurs them to a new and vigorous growth. Annuals that sprout happily in the fall include marigolds, impatiens and begonias. This year even those pretty multi-colored Mexican things called portulaca too seemed to like the September sun.

Chrysthanimums, asters and decorative grasses are the plants that come into full glory in the fall. In the front porch garden I have two mums that grow so big that the branches must be staked for the weight of the many blooms.

Below a montage of pictures of the fall gardens here at Serendipity Shore. Soon the leaves will cover all that grows. Soon the days will darken before the dinner hour. Soon the winter winds will blow.

For now the melancholy that is autumn ends the growing season.

Fall 2007 garden montage view from the front

Fall 2007 garden montage view of barrels and container garden

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