Friday, May 1, 2009

It's the INDOOR Plants Now Shining in the Gardens. The Birds Make "Doors" in the Shrubbery

The INDOOR plants are now in their glory in the gardens of Serendipity Shore.

The brown thrashers have another nest in the hedge roses. But what's with these "doors" the bird fellows keep creating in the shrubbery? And does the robin really know when the dog is leashed?

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Creating “Doors” in the Shrubbery

I am delighted that the Brown Thrashers have again chosen my hedge roses for their nest placement, as they did last year, Blog post about this HERE.

I do, however, take great exception to the “doors” the thrashers, and other birds, keep creating in my shrubbery. The birds however, do not care what I think.

What happens, the birds fly in and out of the shrubbery, in one case my azaleas and in the case of the thrashers, the hedge roses, so much that the bushes simply, boom, do not grow where the birds keep flying.

My azaleas evidently provide fine protection in the winter. The azaleas are next to my front porch and I often hear birds from within the shrubs and/or see them flying in and out. This year I noted a huge “hole” in the front of the azaleas and I must smile ruefully. The azaleas do have foliage year round and in the winter this is of value to the visiting white-throated sparrows and dark-eyed juncos. I am proud that the bird fellows so enjoy my plantings but sheesh.

Same thing with the hedge roses and the thrashers. These guys have a front door and a back door in my hedge roses.

In both cases the shrubbery doesn’t seem to mind at all. The azaleas simply grow bushier in other parts of the bush and the hedge roses, goodness they are now as tall as a small building. The hedge roses use the energy they’d use for the foliage around those “doors” the thrashers have created to just, boom, grow taller.


One more item about the bird fellows in my surround. Do not tell me, as bizarre as it might sound, that the robin nesting in my yard somewhere doesn’t know exactly when I leash the dog during the morning exercise routine.

For the worms are indeed fat and juicy in that bare-grassed area that I use for the morning jog and fast-walk along with the leashed dog. Robins love short-mown lawns as well as bare ground for the ease provided in finding the worms.

Except dog does not allow any other living thing in the backyard beyond her own fine self, which includes squirrel-rodents, of course, and any birds that dare land on HER soil.

So when the dog is allowed to run the yard unfettered for that period when I jog and otherwise exercise without bother of tethered dog, the robin does NOT, pointedly, land in the yard. Should Mr. Robin choose to do so the dog in her freedom will chase it away.

Let me attach the leash to the dog for my final exercise stage of the morning routine, boom, there lands the robin who may then avail himself of the worms without bother of dog.

Don’t tell me that robin doesn’t know that the dog is now on leash and that he may now enjoy the worms he could not get to for the presence of the testy and protective dog that worm-hunting robins do not attack her owner’s person.

The robin all contentedly pulling worms causes the now-leashed dog to tug and pull that dog may be free to chase away the pesky robin one more time. I must then curse the gods of worms that this bird is smart enough to know just when to land and pluck the worms at his leisure as the dog causes me so much grief.

Hedge rose before bloom 2009

As for the gardens this mid-spring 2009, the indoor plants are now outside for the summer and early fall season. I took a picture of the plants and ponder that soon, very soon, they will have to go as they are getting entirely too big to keep inside the house.

Indoor plant montage 2009

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