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Pop Culture-Hasselhoff-Another Celebrity Who Shouldn't Have Children; First Garden Post of Growing Season 07

A premiere garden post of growing season 2007. The buds promised and they bloomed. With pics.

Pic of the Day
Creative nails on fingers and toes

Quote of the Day
On the Republican Contenders for 2008

"If he'll lie to two wives, what makes you think he wouldn't lie to you?"
- Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention on why he's not impressed with GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's promise to appoint strict constructionist judges if elected, Wall Street Journal, 4/28/07


"So, how did Mr. McCain fare in his visit to Jon Stewart's show? Let's just say things are looking pretty rocky. . . . The love affair Mr. McCain once had with the media is over. Gone and dead. Dead and gone."
- New York Sun columnist Ryan Sager

Web Site Worth the Visit
All About Roller Coasters

Here's all the dish on the latest and greatest in the world of roller coasters across the fruited plain. Remember, summer's coming!



Animal Trivia

Mammals are the only animals with flaps around the ears.
African elephants only have four teeth to chew their food with.
A house fly lives only 14 days.
Sheep are mentioned 45 times and goats 88 times in the Bible. Dogs are mentioned 14 times and lions 89 times, but domestic cats are not mentioned.
A snail has two pairs of tentacles on its head. One pair is longer than the other and houses the eyes. The shorter pair is used for smelling and feeling
its way around.
Sharks and rays also share the same kind of skin: instead of scales, they have small tooth-like spikes called denticles. The spikes are so sharp that shark
skin has long been used as sandpaper.

The 2007 Growing Season Begins

It's the fifth growing season here in Serendipity Shore and I'm pleased. For when I first moved here to the swamps of Delaware from the sand of Merryland, the entire front of this lot was torn apart for installation of a new septic drainage system. This even though the house was only two years old at the time. First, Delaware is famous for failing septic systems and second, I could see with my own eyeballs that the woman who had been renting the house totally abused the fragile septic system.

Husband and I had endured a complete installation of a new septic system and drainfield our own selves in our former home. That home's septic system was over fifty years old and before we had a hope of ever selling the place, we knew we'd have to update the water and septic system. Thus we knew a thing or two about delicate eco-systems and the sight of the disheveled front lawn didn't cause us fear.

Happily, we've had no problems with the septic system here on Serendipity Shore since we've moved. I took advantage of the torn up yard and installed a few new gardens that were not there with the original owners.

Now the center lawn garden grows handsome with a bevy of flowers and bushes, most of them native Delaware plants that I purchased specifically that they would be happy here. The hedge roses that I dug up from my old home in Merryland took to the Delaware climate and soil quite happily and we've now got a veritable wall of happy green branches soon to be groaning under the weight of blooming roses.

Last year I installed a "container" garden because every garden eco-system should have a container garden. I've also had the yard certified as a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat. My lot in Merryland was also certified and I myself am a NWF certified Backyard Habitat Wildlife Steward.

Below, some pics of the gardens as they proudly begin their fifth growing season in this year of our Lord, 2007.

Serendipity Shore spring buds 2007

Garden montage from early May 2007

Front porch garden montage late April 07 plus unblooming hedge roses

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